I am considering using GIMP 2.8 on my system with Mac OS X 10.6.8 to do the

(1) Digitise a photograph by tracing over parts of it with lines. The photo
could be, say, the roots of a tree. The lines would be colour coded
depending on the state of what they are over. I.e. roots in one state gets
traced with one colour, while roots in another state would get a different
colour. In the end I might end up with a bunch of lines, with the different
colours of lines organised in different layers.

(2) Calculate the relative proportion of lines of a certain colour to the
total length of all lines.

To do the above, I am wondering if GIMP has the ability to calculate the
length of lines drawn over an image (in, say, number of pixels). This way, I
can obtain the total pixel length all lines put together, and the total
pixel length of, say, just the blue lines.

Do you think GIMP is suitable for this kind of image analyses? Or should I
use a vector based program like Inkscape?


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