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As far as I understand the black and grey squares are the transparent part
of the image. JPEG format does not support transparency so GIMP fills the
transparent areas with the colour set as the forefront (probably) colour.
I'd suggest to create a blank layer, move it to the bottom and fill it with
the colour of your desire (this will be white, as I may suggest). Maybe
there is a simpler way that I don't know about.

Good luck!

2012/6/28 Emm_Lee <>

> I am desperately trying to change the Canvas Colour for an image in Gimp
> 2.8.
> At the moment in displays in black and grey squares and when I save the
> image as a jpg it's black.
> I need it to be white. Has anyone got any idea what to do? I am new to
> Gimp.
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