Thanks, managed to work out that I just create a new white layer then just 
reverse the order.

>On 06/28/2012 08:24 AM, Emm_Lee wrote:

>> Ok seems I am wrong, managed to do it once but can't remember what I did. 
>> Gimp is so frustrating!!! How do I move a layer to the bottom? 


>In your Layers dock, you will find buttons with "up" and "down"
>arrows at the bottom.  Select the layer you want to move, and click
>the arrow to move it one position at a time until it is where you
>want it.

>If you keep using the GIMP this and many other things will start to
>seem "natural and intuitive."  When there are changes in the way
>frequently used tools (due to upgrades and new versions), and you
>get upset because they are not "natural and intuitive", you will be
>an Old Timer.



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