2012/6/28 siehorse <for...@gimpusers.com>:
> I have downloaded GIMP version 2.6.11 for my Mac OSx and am using a Wacom 
> Intuos tablet.
> I have gone to Edit > Preferences > Input Devices > Configure Extended Input 
> Devices and set the "pen" option to "Screen." The "pressure" is set to "3."
> When using the paintbrush tool, there is no variance in the brush size as I 
> press my pen harder/softer. However, there IS variance in brush opacity. I 
> know my tablet/pen works fine because there is pressure sensitivity in my 
> other tablet-responsive programs.
> How can I get my strokes to taper/grow accordingly to my pen pressure?

First, forget version 2.6.11 and install version 2.8. Then you'll find
a very powerful set of tunable paint dynamics, allowing you to connect
pen pressure with any parameter you wish.

Olivier Lecarme
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