On 06/29/2012 09:44 PM, Frank Gore wrote:
I have a set of icons which are a specific color (blue) with white
text on them. I want to change them to be a different color
(turquoise) and a fair bit darker, but I want the text to remain
white. When I use Colors -> Hue-Saturation, I can get the desired
color I want, but the text ends up looking grey because I need to
bring down the lightness slider to achieve the color I want. Is there
a better way to accomplish the task I need without affecting the

- make sure you have an alpha channel
- use Colors/Color to alpha to make the white completely transparent
- insert a white layer below: you now have the same icon but split on two layers
- select the layer with the remaining blue icon
- at top of the layer list, check the alpha-lock box:painting on the layer will not change the transparency of the pixels. - paint that layer in any color you wish (you can even bucket-fill the whole layer)

It's really simpler than it looks, and the result will be about perfect.

See <http://gimpforums.com/thread-proper-subject-extraction-background-removal-and-background-painting> for an explanation of the magic.

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