I have installed GIMP on several Windows machines using the GIMP-win
installers. Some seem to work fine but at least one machine after a few
minutes of working with GIMP will close GIMP with the error:

"Program: C:\Program Files\GIMP2\bin\gimp2.8exe
This application has requested Runtime to terminate in an unusual way"

This error appears to be related to the Visual C++ Runtime  and seems to
be specific to the machine/configuration. I suspect that some dll's on
that particular machine are corrupt or something.

I have seen other reports of similar problems but I have not found any
solutions, or even a  general way to track it down. It was suggested
that this might be due to overloading the hardware, but I don't think
so. The hardware doesn't seem to be under a lot of load, for the simple
things I was doing when the error occurred. (basically retouching photos
using the eraser and airbrush).

Once we confirmed the problem I downloaded an installed a couple of
different windows builds with the same result.

I'd appreciate any help or pointers.

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