> >> 2.) I open a JPEG and I want to save(!) it as JPEG. Why is GIMP starting 
> >> to domineer over the user now (like e.g. MS Windows has been doing all the 
> >> time) by changing the file type to XCF and forcing the user to "export" 
> >> the image (that was opened as a JPEG!) if he wants to save it as a JPEG 
> >> again? Progress IMHO is if things get easier, not if they get more 
> >> complicated.
> > 
> > About this point, please refer to the hundreds of mails already
> > exchanged about the matter, and please really try the new behavior,
> > without assuming bad thinking from the developers.
> I don't want to complain, but to express my personal opinion, because I
> like the GIMP. Changing the file type and forcing the user into another
> use case just isn't my style, and it will never be.
> Besides, it makes me think that GIMP assumes the user is a fool who is
> not aware that there will be some limitations with JPEG compared to XCF.

The decision to split XCF from standard file formats during saving operations 
was not arbitrary.  It just wasn't given enough public exposure before release, 
and this is the aftermath of mishandling the all-important PR side of things.  
There have been hundreds of emails on this topic already - and mind the fact 
that most of the people who like it have nothing much to say about the subject.

The problem with 2.6 was when people were working on multi-layer compositions 
and they save a copy in a standard file format (and I am not going to argue 
semantics of the word "save" here) ... if you used "Save a Copy" then 
everything was fine, but I guess a lot of people just used "Save As..." with a 
different file extension, result being that GIMP does not ask to save changes 
back to their XCF file (since after a 2.6 Save As, the open document is not 
guaranteed to be associated with an XCF file on disk) when they shut GIMP down, 
resulting in some very real loss of time and effort.

The Save/Export distinction is relatively easy to adjust to if you just keep 
telling yourself to hit Ctrl+E instead of Ctrl+S.  Then you will be able to 
output standard file formats in no more time than 2.6 required, and with FEWER 
prompts and warnings than 2.6 too (remember the constant nags about losing 
transparency and multiple layers?  Gone in 2.8.)  Yes it is a very breaking 
change for some users, but if you take a moment to work with the new system 
you'll actually get things done faster.

I am not all that thrilled with the new distinction either, but for me it 
doesn't outweigh the other new features that 2.8 adds, one of the biggest being 
its new single-window mode.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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