I'm a french user of Gimp, using it for myself and teaching beginners to
use it in my job .

I want to join this users list because it's seems not so easy to say on
http://www.gimp.org/ what we think about a new version, when it's not a
real bug but only an inconvenience.  On french sites about Gimp, it's not
sure developpers will see it one day !

I was happy after updating to 2.8 on Windows because it seems my Wacom
tablet (Bamboo fun) is more recognised by Gimp.
On version 2.6, I could use it but not make variations according to
pressure. So now my Wacom tablet works a little better but the interface
has become more complicated. There are too much options, may be.

I need mostly size and opacity according to pressure of the wacom pen,
eventually angle and color. Other options are less important.
As I'm french, I'm very, very lost in the many options proposed in version
2.8 for the brush dynamics (in english for us also). The french version
still use many english words, will it be better soon for us, poor frenchies

Documentation on
is not updated so I don't know how to do.

Small bug : When I take my bamboo pen down, variation of pressure seems to
be taken into account, but not when I take it up. The drawing ends
abruptly, whatever my movement is.

I'm also not very happy of the new presentation for the change of brush's
size. As we say in France, it was better before !

On Ubuntu 10.04, my wacom tablet is not recognised, I must update to 12.04
but it seems difficult to get Gimp 2.8, as I saw on the forums, so I prefer
to wait a little. What a pity !

I like very much UI Brainstorm but is there a way to make notations or
comments of the propositions, to know what please most the users ?

Laurence Veron-Dor
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