On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 6:28 AM, beelissa wrote:

>>> Recently, I noticed that at least 2 features suddenly don't work
>>> (I say "at least" because there might be more that I'm just not aware of).
>>> These features are rotating a layer and making a drop shadow.
>>And would you like to tell us what exactly happens whe you try to use
>>those features? And how you use them?
>>Alexandre Prokoudine
> I use them the way I've always used them, by selecting the layer and -- for 
> the rotate, selecting the rotate tool in the toolbar and clicking, then 
> either using the slider or changing the angle value. For drop shadow, 
> selecting that option from the Filters menu and putting in the values in the 
> dialog box.
> For each of them, now, what happens is -- nothing. The layer is exactly the 
> same -- not rotated, no shadow, nothing happens. No error message, no change, 
> nothing.
> To clarify, I'm trying to apply each separately, not at the same time. It 
> just seems to have happened suddenly that both no longer work.

Could you please check if other transformation tools such a
perspective work? Any other scripts, e.g. Xach-effect from the same

Alexandre Prokoudine
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