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> consolidation and referencing
> In particular, a problem I encounter with workflow in GIMP is that GIMP 
> doesn't really
> handle (AFAIK) meta-data embedded with image raster data in file formats
> (in my case, Tiff tags).  Treating import in a manner analogous to
> export (ie, import and export may cause loss of data) seems reasonable
> (if only to me of course).
> scott s.
> .

Metadata is, almost by definition, non-essential to the layer and pixel 
composition of an image; so the fact GIMP ignores it during load only makes a 
difference if you need to write said composition back to a TIFF file with 
original metadata preserved.  (Which is, of course, little consolation if your 
particular workflow relies on this.)

-- Stratadrake
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