>>Where can I get GIMP 2.6 for win64? Sorry, I am just not getting along with 
>>2.8, specifically, no GAP. I cannot seem to get it to work. Also, the 2.8 
>>interface on windows looks horrid (imho) looks like windows 2000 and I have 
>>7. Yeah, I use windows. I tried Ubuntu, but it just started getting buggy 
>>after 10.4. And I could never get jack to work properly. 

>>Anyway, GIMP 2.6!



>Sorry for the ugly URL but that's the way copy and paste came out.  I used to 
>install this version a lot on different machines because it was conveniently 
>both 32 and 64 bit installing.

>Sorry for your experiences with the Linux versions... I have been having 
>trials and issues of my own lately.  There are times and moments in the 
>community when different parties seem to lose their way or their view of the 
>big picture.  And really, it's hard to say who is "right" (and by elimination, 
>who is wrong) in different areas because progress and stability are often 
>mutually exclusive.

When Unity was added to Ubuntu, that is where it went south, IMO. It is too hit 
or miss now. At one time I boasted its potential, and to a degree I still do, 
but as a serious replacement for Windows, they have a long way to go. There 
should be some standard that all the developers have to follow. The last I used 
it was just after the new LTS release. I tried to put Linux MMMS on it, but got 
caught in this download hell that the program was trying to rectify a 
dependency that was no longer available and after snooping around, I figured 
how to stop it and install it. But it just started crashing. 

Anyway, thanks for the link! Now I can get some work done!

bohlinghaus (via gimpusers.com)
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