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> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] DON'T HATE the new save vs. export behavior
> That said, I am concerned about meta data.  If there was meta data when 
> imported, there should be at least the option of preserving the meta 
> data.  I'd like to see that added into the code if it's not already 
> there somehow.  Sometimes I like it when there are GPS coordinates in a 
> picture, for example, because a lot of other programs will pick up on 
> it... for example, web galleries might pick that up and when I want 
> travel, having the GPS data available will allow me to map travels and 
> such.  Also, date/time and which camera I used is also useful 
> information at times.  What difference does it make if I enhance the 
> image in some way?  I still want to keep the meta data with the image.

GIMP preserves EXIF metadata when exporting as JPG - the option is there on the 
Export dialog and it's checked by default.  I agree on the point though - 
whether or not GIMP needs to load the metadata in an image is distinct from 
whether the user cares about having that metadata.  If you open a TIF file, 
what happens to the metadata when you export, and especially if you overwrite?

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