On Mon, 23 Jul 2012 15:02:50 +0200, Johan Vromans wrote: 

Bludigo writes:
>> the GIMP image properties say 900 x 572 pixels.

> That's much too low... Either you took a low-res picture (simple
> phone?) or you downscaled it in the Gimp.
> For a canvas
print as you mentioned 3000x2000 is more realistic.
> Check the
original image, the one before you started manipulating it. If
> this is
of sufficient resolution you can retry to manipulate a new copy
without downscaling it.
> -- Johan

Indeed, 900 x 572 is very low, it
cant be printed with quality. In the other hand, 300dpi will be way too
large a file.
What you need to do is get a larger file that is
manageable in gimp and other tools.

You can try to photograph again
with a better camera (more mpixels) or use a panorama tool to stitch
partial images together.
There is this nice tool called Hugin
(hugin.sourceforge.net) that can do this for you. It takes a little
getting used to, but no big deal. I managed to get a 110mpixels image
with hugin. 

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