>Need Gimp DPI increased
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HI Judah

thanks for your kind help
I am a novice..I have been into the manipulated image so many times and willy 
nilly changed the dpi the mm size ...
sometimes the file says it 7GB size..sometimes it says its 300 dpi...sometimes 
the program hangs and collapses...but mostly nothing changes...obviously I am 
not doing the right thing.

I need personal help from someone whom knows gimp intimately...I have been paid 
handsomely for the image yet cannot get it done...I would pay a GIMP expert to 
assist of course.. 

>IF you say that the final image is 200cm x 140cm that equals 2 metres by 1.4 
>metres. I would suggest creating a new document in Gimp measuring this size 
>(200cm x 140cm) and instead of 300dpi to have the new document at 96dpi 
>(150dpi max, though the file size will be much bigger)

Judah is 96 dpi = 96 ppi

>Once you have this new document you should then import the xcf file into the 
>new document that you have just created and resize the imported file to fit 
>your gimp canvas accordingly (I am very cautious of resizing an image too many 

ok I tried to create a new file...200cmx 140cm but i cant see an import feature 
for the Gimp image

>If you are doing it as a glicee print then this should suffice.

yes I am doing giclee print

Bludigo (via gimpusers.com)
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