>Bludigo <for...@gimpusers.com> writes:

>> the GIMP image properties say 900 x 572 pixels.

>That's much too low... Either you took a low-res picture (simple mobile
>phone?) or you downscaled it in the Gimp.

>For a canvas print as you mentioned 3000x2000 is more realistic.

>Check the original image, the one before you started manipulating it. If
>this is of sufficient resolution you can retry to manipulate a new copy
>without downscaling it.

>-- Johan

Hi Johan, and thanks for your time.

I opened a photo (JPEG) in Gimp...I am a novice so do not know if I did or did 
not downscale it...how would I know?
I used cubist feature, whirl and pinch and mosaic...saved and closed the 
image...but when I went to print the printer said its too 'small;..can't blow 
it up

Photo details - width 1000 pixels x length 637 pixels, hor. res. 72dpi  vert. 
res 72dpi
bit depth 24
But I need a GIMP expert to look at the file and kindly assist.
the manipulation is valuable to me not the photo of my artwork...I need Gimp 
experts definitely.

Bludigo (via gimpusers.com)
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