Hi. I am new. Both here and to Gimp. Tested it a bit on and off, but the 
breakthrough for me was the single window mode, so now I am currently making an 
effort to learn something.

My first question is actually about somethin I am failing to do with Photoshop 
CS4. I create a text, rasterize it, then create the stripes via the rectangle 
tool (in this case I am messing with different national colours, like Germany). 
Now so far so god, but I never get around to actually be able to merge the 
strips with the text. The closest I have gotten is to see the text behind the 
stripes, but then the strips also covers the space between the text. I followed 
this tutorial for that: 

I looked at Your Sweet Candy tutorial and, excluding some steps, seems to be 
relevant, but for step 15, where I do not want to select stripes available 
inGimp, but create new ones. Can you please point me in the right direction?


RichardAinz (via gimpusers.com)
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