I LOVE the export feature!
I make a LOT of price tags in GIMP. It is WONDERFUL to export the file and not 
have to re-open the .XCF file over and over. It saves a lot of repeat processes.

I also love the new tab interface for open GIMP files!

>I rather like it actually...

>I do GIMP workshops for (mainly) old ladies who don't know the first thing
>about computers, but enjoy themselves doing silly photomontages and messing
>around with pictures of their grandchildren. They used to regularly lose
>their only original versions of pics through not knowing the difference
>between "save" and "save as" (and also not knowing the meaning of
>Now I can relax because this "export" business has created a safeguard
>against that sort of thing, though I hate to think what will happen if my
>old ladies (being deviously expert at messing things up) discover the
>"overwrite" command.


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