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> Want to use GIMP for map publishing.Please help me with the links of source
> code download.
> 1. First is procedure for compiling.
> 2. Second is customization procedure for reducing menu structure.
> 3. Also tell me how can change the logo.

I have to laugh at this.  Your first question(not numbered.. ie links of source 
code) is already answered and at least to my reading clearly available on the 
GIMP website.   Your second question(item number 1, which at least for linux is 
also answered) indicates to me that you are not likely not a programmer.    

Quite frankly, my suggestion to you is you need to *HIRE a competent 
programmer.. PERIOD...EXCLAMATION POINT*.   While compiling is not hard(on 
Linux anyway), it is a quite tedious process to make sure your build 
environment is set up correctly and then you likely have to compile a number of 
dependencies prior to actually getting to compile GIMP.     machines.   If you 
happen to be using Windows, quite honestly, you will spend FAR more time and 
aggravation just getting your machine set up to do a compile than you would to 
do the compile itself.  Next,the biggest issue is not so much compiling, but 
compiling it is such a way as to make it re-distributable to other machines.

As for items 2 and 3, well... the information is documented in the source code. 
 Once you obtain a programmer to do the work, he can likely figure out the 
answer to these two items within an hour or so of time, but if not, he can 
always either a) subscribe to the developers list or b) check out the IRC 
channel to answer the question.  

What your asking for is like asking a doctor to tell gas station clerk over an 
email how to do Brain Surgery.  While anyone can quickly learn the beginning 
steps(ie, save the area of the head, cut skin flap and folder back, carefully 
cut a section of skull, remove skull section, cut out tumor, stop bleeding, 
replace skull section, sew/stable skin back), the hard part is making sure that 
your finished product works(ie, the guys brain actually functions and he is not 
a vegetable, lost motor function in parts of his body, lost cognitive 

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