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Suppose we have a standard QR code composed of hundreds of squares and their hundreds of square corners. (e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code)

How can I get Gimp to round all of the internal and external square corners - let's say to a 10 pixel radius?

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- Filters/Blur/Gaussian blur->10px
- Colors/Treshold

- won't blur anything where you have two black and two white square in the diagonals -output is a bit jaggy, you'll have better results scaling up 2x, blur 20px, threshold, blur 2px, scale down 2x


The Wikepedia example is an SVG vector graphic, if you start from such it is possible to write a script that rounds the corners very accurately.

A completely different look:
- generate a square with rounded corners which is the size of your QR-code unit squares.
- Bucket-fill a layer using it as a pattern
- Use the QR-code as a layer mask

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