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I'm no pro yet and I hope you'll get better answers, but here's what I'd do. As far as I know, Gimp has no option for complex rounded edges. As long as the image is only pure black on a ground, you can work around that with a little selection manipulation. First use the "select by color"-tool, to get a selection of all the black sqares. Then go to select->shrink by, for example 10px. After that select->grow by 20 (of whatever is twice your first value) and then once again select->shrink by 10. Now take a new layer, fill the selection black and there you've got your rounded corners.

I've added a little example here --> <-- As you can see in the example, the workaround doesn't handle border collision all that well, so make sure to keep enough distance (at least as much as your shrink value) Also, this workaround will most likely fail if there are other black elements in the picture, but keep in mind, it's only a workaround and it should suffice for QR-Codes.

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On Sat, 04 Aug 2012 20:21:00 -0500, helices <> wrote:

Suppose we have a standard QR code composed of hundreds of squares
and their hundreds of square corners. (e.g.,

How can I get Gimp to round all of the internal and external square
corners - let's say to a 10 pixel radius?

Thank you.

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