On 16.07.2012 23:15, Michael Schumacher wrote:
Hi there,

we've added a new donation option to our website - a Flattr button.
It is located just below the donations button in the navigation menu of

Six weeks ago, we received a request to accept donations via this
service, and I thought that it was at least worth a try.

It's time for an interim report - when I wrote about the addition of the button 19 days ago, we started out with 4 flattrs.

Since then, 96 people have clicked the button on http://www.gimp.org or https://flattr.com/thing/707850/ for a total of 115 times, some might even have added a subscription to it.

Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated - it helps us to get contributors to meetings like the Libre Graphics Meeting in Vienna earlier this year:


For those interested in statistics:

- the first four clicks have provided a revenue of 18.60 Euros, mostly due to the donation that made me add the Flattr thing in the first place - the next 86 clicks up to Juli 31 (total: 90) amount to a revenue of 56.40 Euros

I've added a big widget to our donations page at http://www.gimp.org/donating/ - it shows a bit more information than the small button, for example the recent donors.

Thanks & Regards,
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