On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 12:59 AM, Anoko wrote:

> I understand that you are bored of the discussion, but by
> suggesting that it is my problem alone of seeing it wrong,
> I think that's a bit insulting and really unnecessary.

Well, what if it _is_ your problem alone? I could wrap that up in a
cheerful marketing language. Should I?

> I was at least trying to be constructive.

I did provide an explanation why nobody loses anything unless
specifically willing to do that. If you want to have an argument about
who was trying to be constructive, please don't count me in, otherwise
we'll never hear the end of it.

> I suspect though that you have misunderstood my use case.
> User: lets say he wants so save image with transparance as jpg

Excuse me, but can you see the target group of users really trying that?


> User: uh, I just exported it, oh yeah right exporting is not saving.
> But it's exported, so my changes are safe. Agree!

Nope. Exporting is never safe. That's the whole point of exporting as
opposed to saving.

You see, no matter how many times we repeat who this is done for,
people keep trying to dumb the argumentation down to "but what if you
take a complete newbie who knows nothing?". Now that is really boring.
And quite possibly insulting.

You make your use case sound like something horrible happens when
transparency is lost. But GIMP insists that you save the project data
to XCF so that at any time later you could redo exporting the right
way or whatever it is that you wish to adjust. That's the point of
saving in GIMP, see?

Let me reinstate that: nothing is ever lost until you wish so.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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