>>User: uh, I just exported it, oh yeah right exporting is not saving. But it's 
>>exported, so my changes are safe. Agree!

>And this is where your use case is wrong! The whole point of
>separating save and export is that ONLY save is "safe".  An export is
>NOT guaranteed to be either safe or lossless.  It may be,  depending
>on the source image.  Your example exactly demonstrates the purpose of
>the new paradigm.

Its wrong because users don't think that way? Not even a chance? :-/ I think 
they do.

An export is guaranteed to be safe in 98% cases for people not using 
intermediate xcfs, thus this paradigm is irrelevant and confusing for them. 
Then, yes, there's another lot of people for who the export is relevant. But 
both sides exist, I think this discussion is enough prove of that.

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