On 08/07/2012 05:32 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 1:10 AM, Rob Antonishen wrote:

And this is where your use case is wrong! The whole point of separating save
and export is that ONLY save is "safe".  An export is NOT guaranteed to be
either safe or lossless.  It may be,  depending on the source image.  Your
example exactly demonstrates the purpose of the new paradigm.

The main problem I see with the suggested use case is here:
"Transparancy lost. This is something I already encountered once, so
it is a realistic use case."

Excuse me, Anoko, but there's no way I'm going to believe that a
mistake that is only ever done once is going to completely ruin
everything. Especially since GIMP asks to save project data.

Alexandre Prokoudine

Splitting off to a different thread.

I have seen the term "project data" used in regard to XCF file format, as Alexandre has above.

However, to me, the XCF does not _currently_ really save what I consider to be the _project_ data.

Gimp does not save, to my knowledge (please excuse any errors), the following (and more, I am sure):

- window positions or sizes
- visible dialogs
- viewing magnification magnification
- active tool
- most recently applied filter
- most recently used settings in dialogs (such as Image Size settings
     such as inch vs mm etc.)
etc., etc.

Maybe these things are on the horizon, which would be great.

Still, when I think of a "project", I usually think of multiple images open at the same time, etc.

I don't know that "project" is a good word in this situation. I would prefer "workspace". But even if it is to be "project" it is more than just one image.

What I hope to see in the years to come is:

- Saving "image" includes saving the items listed above (and others) for a single image.

- Saving "workspace" (or "project") saves all "image" stuff mentioned above, for multiple images and whatever else is going on in Gimp at that moment. Opening "workspace [name]" would open multiple images and everything would look exactly like it did when the workspace was saved.

(Or maybe "project" and "workspace" are completely different things??)

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