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>>>User: uh, I just exported it, oh yeah right exporting is not saving. But 
>>>it's exported, so my changes are safe. Agree!
>>And this is where your use case is wrong! The whole point of
>>separating save and export is that ONLY save is "safe".  An export is
>>NOT guaranteed to be either safe or lossless.  It may be,  depending
>>on the source image.  Your example exactly demonstrates the purpose of
>>the new paradigm.
> Its wrong because users don't think that way? Not even a chance? :-/ I think 
> they do.
> An export is guaranteed to be safe in 98% cases for people not using 
> intermediate xcfs, thus this paradigm is irrelevant and confusing for them.

I'd love to know where you got that number from as my experience tells
me otherwise.

- Loading, modifying then saving a jpeg back is never "safe", just
because of jpeg compression, with the possible exception of rotation
and cropping, assuming the software does it correctly.
- Under 2.6, saving in most non xcf file formats would loose many
things  such as saved selections and paths,
- Under 2.6, saving as a psd would loose text layers rasterizing them
instead as well as paths, without a warning,

On top of that, I have read countless posts on many forums that go
along the lines of "I added the text 'I can has z cheezburger' to my
funny picture and saved it.  Now I want to change the text and I can't
select it any more.  Attached is the jpeg.   Help!" or "I spent hours
making a selection so I could make my car purple in this picture but
really wanted it green.  I How do I get that selection back.  Attached
is the jpeg."

Personally, I think that people will always use hammers to pound in
screws, screwdrivers to pry things open, and pry-bars to hammer in
nails, cause it is the tool they happen to have in hand.  A part of
using a tool is learning how to use that tool in the manner it is
intended.  I see the save/export distinction one small way to help
educate users, and make them better users in the long run.

-Rob A>
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