On 08/07/2012 07:11 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 2:29 AM, Jay Smith wrote:

However, to me, the XCF does not _currently_ really save what I consider to
be the _project_ data.

Gimp does not save, to my knowledge (please excuse any errors), the
following (and more, I am sure):

- window positions or sizes
- visible dialogs
- viewing magnification magnification
- active tool
- most recently applied filter
- most recently used settings in dialogs (such as Image Size settings
      such as inch vs mm etc.)
etc., etc.

OK, fair point. I can see how a project could have several related
images and certain workspace preferences preserved (i.e. "restore as I
left it"). Maybe Peter would be interested to have a go at this in the

Of all the items listed above only the latter is kinda being addressed
so far. Right now, in Git master, some of the former GIMP filters that
have been ported to GEGL use the skeleton of the experimental GEGL
tool and thus save recent settings automatically. I use it a lot for
applying the unsharp mask filter (but I only scale down and clean-up
stuff with this version, really -- it's not ready for prime time use).

(Or maybe "project" and "workspace" are completely different things??)

To me, they overlap. At least, a little bit.

Alexandre Prokoudine


Thank you for your very constructive and helpful reply.

See, I _feel_ heard.  And I am a happy camper.

Clarification: I made the statement "Gimp does not save....". I should have said "Gimp does not save in the _image_ file when saving an image....". [The program 'workspace' does remember things like what dialogs were open when the program was closed.]

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