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New Gimp-2.8 would be a good tool but it is unusable for me. Example: I use, hundreds of times per hour, the functions "save" and "save as", indifferently on .png. xcf or .jpeg. To this end, I set two keyboard shortcuts with one finger: save=s and save as=u. So I can save lot of time. With version 2.8 , it's impossible . I'm professional. My job is to work on images and I can't lost my time. Sorry... So back to Gimp-2.6. I compiled it on Debian Testing/Wheezy (after downgrading gegl and babl) and it works well. This is very annoying. It would be nice to recover ergonomics and traditional functions "save" and "save as" in Gimp-2.8.
At least give the user the choice....
Thanks for your work.
Best regards
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