* kiwi_steve <for...@gimpusers.com> [08-12-12 03:40]:
> >But I have to say, the amount of flak the developers are 
> >taking about this is totally unjustified. 
> Then why are they getting it?

Because people feel they are *owed* but have no investment in the creation
and/or further development.  
> >*half* their user base? I think that's rather an exaggeration.....
> >and I think that they deserve a little (read "a lot") of respect simply 
> >for being willing to go to all the work of creating the best image 
> >editing software out there without being paid for it!
> As I said, I have a lot of respect for open source developers - and as
> to the figures, I have no way (and neither do you) of knowing the exact
> percentage - maybe its more than half.
> >> I humbly ask that the developers please put it back the way it was,
> >> or at the very least have a "legacy save" option users can activate
> >> in the options so people like the original poster, myself and all the
> >> others who use Gimp regularly and hate this new save work-un-flow
> >> option can be happy again.
> >If you would read previous posts, you would know why this is not going 
> >to happen. As I stated earlier, if you really want it changed that 
> >badly, please feel free to modify the GIMP code.
> I have read a lot of posts,

But not here or you would know that Akkana Peck has writen a plug-in to
provide the action you desire.

> and its a shame they've taken that stand. As I mentioned, I wonder if
> they would be so hard-nosed about it if it wasn't free and their income
> depended on their decisions.  

In other words, they are free to change GIMP as they see fit since they
have ownership, ie: you do not *have* to use it.

> Fortunately for me, 2.6 does most of what I need.

Then what is your point?

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