On 08/12/2012 07:25 AM, Daniel Hauck wrote:
Why oh why does this have to go on?

Oh, and just to add one other thing:

Why, in the "File->Save as..." dialog do other graphical file formats appear in the file browsing? If this is to be a consistent behavior, why taunt the user (and his expectations) by showing them *.JPG and other files and then not allow them to save in that format? When you try, a dialog box comes up saying "nope! you want to do that, go do this other thing." Imagine being at an intersection on the road, then turning right only to find a sign appears saying "you can't turn right here" *after* you made the turn already!

If the purpose is to upset people, then it's working. If the purpose is to educate people about something, then the message was lost with confusion and negative emotional response.

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