* maderios <mader...@gmail.com> [08-12-12 10:06]:
> The problem is not "to understand" !  All I know, all I see,  is that the
> change "save" and "save as" in Gimp-2.8 complicates my life too.
> I use working method with Gimp-2.6 that allows me to save much time and
> sweat. Unfortunately   this method is impossible with Gimp-2.8, so,
> logically, I no longer use Gimp-2.8. 

Problem would appear to be *selective* reading of the list as Akkana Peck
has provided a plug-in to provide your desired action *and* posted notice

> This is final unless Gimp-2.6 facilities "save" and "save as" are
> available again.  I wish this was a problem of adaptation, it would have
> been simpler.  This is not the case.

I don't believe *threatening* the developers with *your* decision will
have *little* effect.
> Another problem in 2.8:

?? bug report number ??

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