While we are at it I would like to give my thanks as well.

I am a 3D\2D digital artist and I have been using Gimp for close to a
decade now. I have loved and preferred it ever since I started.  And I have
encouraged those around me to try it out, if not make it a replacement for
some more expensive photo manipulation programs they are currently using.
9 times out of 10 Gimp is able to do what they need to do professionally.

And even with some of the disputed changes in 2.8, it still holds its
ground as my top application for my work, and for others that I know.

The changes that have been made, in some ways have slowed me down
initially, but, in the long run, it has sped things up.  (Especially when I
am doing any sort of 3D texturing).  And after about a week of adapting to
the changes, there is no way I can go back to 2.6.  It is a much more
pleasant experience than it already was.  This is usually how any learning
experience for any kind of topic plays out, at least for me.

On behalf of those I know, that appreciate this program, and the great
piece of software that it is, and for myself, we thank all the developers
for their hard work.  We understand that it isn't easy to put together and
maintain a program like this.  But you all are doing a great job.  Keep it

Will Thorup

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