Hello guys,

I don't know if this topic already on the feature list or not, but I think
this feature, wheter it'll come as plugin or built-in are very much

Currently I'm working for personal project (as my training as well) for vfx

After done keying for premultiply plate in blender compositor, I found that
it still need extra 'clean-up', so I use GIMP for that.

I open as layers some of the sequences that already rendered as premul,
then work on that.

On progressing, I found obstacle which is

1. As default, Gimp unable to export all layers into separate output. But
gladly there's very handy plugin for that. Just search in Gimp plugin
registry with keyword 'export layers'. (SOLVED)

2. With sequence images, you'll work with a lot of layers. So the first
time you open them, they'll overlap each other. The pain is there's no
button for select all layers, or toggle visibility off for all layers, etc.

3. As I work for sequenced images, moving between each frames are become
inevitable. This is where timeline is needed. As for now, i have to open
gap filter and run playback each time if want to check all my frames.

Gimp would be very advance layer based compositor. Since all fx that needed
to create an awesome movie fx are available in gimp or by plugin registry
such as chromatic aberration, noise filter, vector blur, lensflare, etc.

I hope this post beneficial for developers or others as well.

Thank you very much Gimp devs and community around the globe.
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