On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 09:27:36AM -0700, Archie Arevalo wrote:
> Dear Alexandre Prokoudine and all those who appreciate GIMP,
> GIMP is a great tool. It is not that hard to adapt to the changes made in 
> 2.8. 
> It is easy to reform habits if the community would just stop yapping about it 
> and instead do something about it themselves.
> You hard work are tremendously appreciated by many of us, and we trust that 
> you will continue to pursue the goals you have set out.
> More power to GIMP development and developers.

Agreed +100 One thing sure in life is constant change. If software isn't
evolving then it's not improving.

At 1st I disliked the new behaviour too, but have come to do it
naturally and without fuss once I understood the reasons. Hell Photoshop
wants folks to save as .PSD too for the same reasons.
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