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We see the reasons behind the change

May you explain here the reasons of the change concerning save and save as ?


- Creates complex images with several layers, paths, masks
- Wants a PNG to show Mr Customer
- Does Save as... PNG
- Exits -> lost the last changes in layers, paths, masks

So somewhere you need some way to tell Gimp that when you save as PNG (or JPG/GIF/TIIF) you aren't really saving.

- Creates complex images with several layers, paths, masks
- Wants a PNG to show Mr Customer
- Does Export as... PNG
- Exits -> Gimp complains image not saved -> No loss of layers, paths, masks

Hi Ofnuts

You don't answer my question about the reasons of the change concerning save and save as. I simply try to understand and it's not easy because the change is not coherent. It is strange that evolution that leads to slow down workflow is presented as a progress ... I started my Linux and Gimp user life in 1999: Redhat, Mandrake, Suse, Mandriva, Fedora, Debian now, the best ... I don't like desktops like Gnome, Kde, Xfce. I use E17, very light and nice desktop (yes it is), quite a long time
I had time and I take time to train me to adapt but I can't adapt to waste my time with this incoherent behavior of "save" in Gimp-2.8.
My job is the priority, so back to Gimp-2.6.
I have time to wait...... Perhaps we'll open a "wishlist" bug ? I don't know....

Hi Ofnuts

With the previous behavior, if you "save" in a non-XCF file format, then all you save is a flattened image on which further work is near impossible.
Yes, but you have the choice. It's the most important. Editing images requires some attention....

And since you have "saved" the image, you can quit Gimp without updating the XCF of disk and you lost some of your work. Many people have been burnt by this.
Because they don't pay attention and don't save their work !

Another use case is working on a complex image, and producing proof images (PNG/JPG) at various stages. WIth the current behavior, you change the "base name" of the image, further saves clobers the proof images. So you have to remember to resave as XCF. The current behavior makes it more obvious when you save to the XCF and when you produce some other format. So now Gimp comes with a safety belt/hard hat.

I never lost any image when editing with Gimp during 13 years.
You have to save files according to the progress of the work, of course.
What you call "safety belt/hard hat" is useless for me and it slows down workflow.


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