To answer the various questions. (for some reason i did not get the posts, but found them in the mailing list archive) 1. I am using gimp 2.8 (windows version in this case - the version that comes with slackware is somewhat older) 2. yes the files are scans of sometimes rather large documents eg 230 pages file size 1-2gb or so. 3. You may have noticed I said in my original post that I had already tried imagemajick but it would not work correctly. (version 6.7.9 Q16). I can extract the correct number of images, but the contents of some of them are blank/garbage. 3b. when running gimp manually and just loading a single page from the tiff, gimp can successfully load, allow me to edit and save the individual pages that are garbage when using imagemajick 5. yes I should report a bug due to gimp crashing, but unfortunately the (tiff) file is confidential, so it can't be released for testing by others. I don't mind testing release or debug versions (of gimp) on it and reporting though.

ps thanks for the offer. I am already getting someone with alternate custom image tools to look at it (my particular problem), but from a stand-point of improving gimp functionality, fixing bugs, and doing it myself I posted this request. It seems that gimp multi-image handling is behind the rest of its expansive features. If you load a multi-page/image tiff as layers, or as images, you can't save it as a single multi-image tiff.
Regards, Tim

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