I am trying to make my image fade to black on one side .  I have read the blend 
tool tutorial in the user manual but all I can get to hap pen  is a black and 
white gradient completely covering my image.  I have tried adding a transparent 
layer over the image and applying the gradient to it but for some reason when 
one side of the image (using the linear mode) starts to get darker, the other 
side gets lighter, creating a severely distorted contrast with the image, plus 
the fade covers an entire half of the image. 

If someone could give me some help with this it would be greatly appreciated. 

Note: I am a Gimp newbie so I don't quite understand all of the techniques 
and/or terminology. 

Also, I will gladly give more info if my question doesn't quite make sense :) 

Thanks alot! 

p.s. I attached a drawing of what I am trying to accomplish (btw I used Paint 
so the quality or accuracy is not ideal, but you get the basic picture)

<<attachment: fade.jpg>>

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