On the examples of GEGL (tests-compositions) there is a file to test 
matting-global, called matting-global.xml, here the test is carried out with 
two files, one is the input and the other is a scribble, for example input.png 
and input-scribble.png.
In Gimp 2.8.2 in Windows 7 in Tools' menu, there is and option called GEGL 
Operations and the operation Matting-Global is listed but nothing is said about 
how to use this operation.
I was expecting some edit box to enter the names of the input and scribble 

Does anyone know how to enter the two files for this operation to work?, Does 
anyone has information about how to create the scribble file?.

I have compiled GEGL with cygwin and tested matting-global and this operation 
works using matting-global.xml. There is also an operation called matting-levin 
but its compilation is somehow disabled, does anyone know why?.

thank you for your help.

luis_s_s (via gimpusers.com)
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