Select Color picker tool and in Tool Options dockable dialogue toggle
Set_foreground_color instead of Pick_only. Now when you use eyedropper from
Change_Foreground_Color dialog window it will change foreground color to the
one you picked. This will help you restore your workflow til the bug is
Francois wrote
>>I suspect that Francesco had the same problem I did. In the color picker 
>>dialog box, there is an icon, about 2/3 of the way from the top, which 
>>when one hovers the mouse cursor over the icon, reveals the context help 
>>that one can select a color from anywhere in the screen. When one's 
>>cursor is located over a GIMP window, this is true, one can select a 
>>color; when the cursor is over a part of the screen that is not part of 
>>a GIMP window, the cursor reverts from the eyedropper shape to the 
>>normal cursor shape, and in my experience, one was not able to select a 
>>color from any part of the screen that was not a GIMP related window.
> Yes, this is the problem I'm having as well. It's definitely a bug.
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