>>Hi folks, I'm trying to work with TIFF images got from Image Pro Plus but
>>GIMP 2.8 doesn't open them, I found that's a problem related to Image Pro
>>Plus because misses some tags. Also, I tried with ImageMagick using:

>If you use IM identify -verbose you get

>Image: prueba_1.tif
>  Format: TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
>  Class: DirectClass
>  Geometry: 1392x1040+0+0
>  Resolution: 300x300
>  Print size: 4.64x3.46667
>  Units: PixelsPerInch
>  Type: TrueColor
>  Base type: TrueColor
>  Endianess: MSB
>  Colorspace: RGB
>  Depth: 12-bit............

>AFAIK tthat is the problem,  12 bit image, I would ask on the IM forum for 
>advice on conversion.

A quick test and the absolute minimum IM command is
convert prueba_1.tif -depth 8 new.tif
this opens ok here in Gimp 2.8 

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