On 09/13/2012 04:26 AM, maderios wrote:
> On 09/13/2012 04:32 AM, Steve Kinney wrote
>> On 09/12/2012 09:50 AM, jfrazie...@nc.rr.com wrote:
>>> [...] Ask how many print shops support psd files but not xcf?
> Hi
> This is not THE problem. They accept all other formats, png, tiff, etc
> I
>> would bet that number would be>  20:1 and one way to change that
>> would be to try to push the xcf usage among professional artists
> I agree with you but the Gimp team target is the opposite. Le last
> change concerning "save save as" function in Gimp-2.8 is not
> ergonomic at all. This is done so that amateur users do not lose
> work. I heard to say here that some people don't save their work...
> So the Gimp developers separate the function "save save as" into two
> functions according to the file type, .xcf or not xcf.
> I think that Gimp will stay a software for amateurs.


A new thread with a new name and completely different topic spins
off of our presently infamous troll thread....  And our troll
promptly hijacks the new thread, cuts out all the original content
and "returns the discussion" to his (or her) one and only talking

>From our troll's perspective, the new thread had to die, and it had
to die fast:  I cast Adobe-sanctioned certification programs in a
bad light, and I reported a real world observation of Photoshop
losing its monopoly status in the professional image composition market.

An oblique response to the content of my thread-starter post?
"Gimp will stay a software for amateurs."  That's an irrational
counter-argument to the plain fact that the GIMP can and does
successfully compete with Photoshop in the professional graphics
world.  The fact that I am paid to use it is living proof.



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