So I have an odd issue.  What I am trying to do is to add the logo of the gym 
that turned my life around to my Gmail signature, and make the logo a link to 
their site.  I'm fairly experienced with digital graphic art concepts, I've 
been a GIMP'er for years, yet this one has me stumped.  So if you go to you'll see their logo in between "Home" and 
"Weekly schedule."  It's a black image with white lettering and a white stick 
figure.  This one, although this displays as entirely white:
  Yet when I right-click on it and choose Copy image, then go to my Gmail 
settings and paste it into my signature, nothing shows up.  "Uh?"  So I opened 
GIMP and chose to Paste from clipboard.  "Oh, now it shows up!"  So I chose 
Select all, hit copy, and tried again to paste it into my Gmail signature.  Yet 
again, nothing.  So on a whim, I inverted the colors, copied, and tried
  to paste again.  Still nothing.

I feel like I'm missing something basic here... would anybody please help me 
discern what that is?  Why would this image appear on the webpage as black but 
be entirely white in GIMP?  Why is it entirely white when I choose View image 
in a new tab?  What is going on here?

Thanks much,

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