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>> So I have been working on this painting for over a week…

>Rule #1: Perform regular backups
>Rule #2: See Rule #1

>Sorry for the semi-snarky response, but it is a good set of rules and
>will save you time and heartache when things really go wrong ;)

>When I'm working on File-01.xcf, after an hour or two of work I do
>"Save As" and name that "File-02.xcf", and so on.  And there are
>plug-ins in the registry that automatically make incremental backups.

>My first guess as to the the cause of the corruption is hardware.  A
>full or failing disk, corrupt RAM, etc.  Or I've had issues with
>saving to flaky shared storage.  The prognosis is not good if it's any
>of these.

>What version of GIMP are you using (see "Help->About")?  What
>operating system?  Are you saving to an internal hard drive, or
>external storage? Can you post a link to the XCF online somewhere?


I did make a back up...but it still cuts out about five hours of my work...i 
guess if there isn't any way to fix it then i will just work over night to 

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