Hi, just wanted to say I've been using Gimp for many years on my Mac and I used 
to be very satisfied with it, but the recent update (version 2.8) 
has disappointed me. 

First of all, gradient generation is very slow using version 2.8 in compare to 
version 2.6, especially on large canvases. It takes about 10 seconds longer for 
Gimp 2.8 to draw a gradient on a 2560x1600 canvas.

Another issue I have with 2.8 is that I don't like the new slider controls 
(those which are used to change the opacity value, for example). The 2.8 
sliders are confusing because the "value" text-box appears over the slider 
which makes it difficult to move the slider rather than edit the text. In 2.6 
the "value" text-box was located near the slider so this mistake couldn't 
happen. It's also confusing that sometimes the slider moves very slowly and 
sometimes it moves exactly to where the mouse pointer is. I think it should 
always move together with the mouse pointer.

In short, if you can help make Gimp 2.8 run faster on OS X or if you can 
implement an option to replace the 2.8 slider controls with the 2.6 sliders, 
please do so.
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