I downloaded Gimp about a year ago. Just recently, I upgraded it to the 2.8
thing. Well, when I open the old version, it doesn't work. It worked when I
opened the new version. Just to be safe, I tried uninstalling the old
version, but couldn't get it to uninstall when I clicked UNINSTALL.
Okay, so I left it there.

The new version has worked fine until two days ago. Every time I click on
it, it freezes and says "GIMP has stopped working". I tried again to
uninstall the old version, but it still would not let me. I even tried
system restore and still, couldn't get the new version to work. I don't
know what happened. It was working absolutely fine until just a couple days
ago. What can I do to fix this?

I thought of uninstalling the new version and reinstalling, but am
terrified of losing a few files I've done recently...
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