I typically use GIMP 2.6. Computer crashed recently so now I've downloaded 2.8. 
When I download ABR files into the brushes folder, the program won't start. It 
wigs out and doesn't work. I copied abr files just fine into my GIMP 2.6. Why 
is this happening?

I even went so far as to find GIMP 2.6 on the web for download. But the same 
problem. There are strange 'VBR' files now that didn't used to be in my old 
brush folder but are suddenly there now.

Can anyone help me out?

(and before anyone blithely tells me 'gimp doesn't accept abr files' my old 2.6 
 accepted them JUST fine. No fancy converter or anything)

prettypea (via gimpusers.com)
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