This doesn't address your concerns so apologies.  I don't mean to hijack
the thread, but this notion is somewhat relevant.  My thinking is that
GIF is a legacy format that needs to go away.  APNG should be


That said, I haven't played with that plugin just yet and my thought
might be "What if this thing does what you already want?"  Then you can
just reduce the colors to 256 or less and do the saving (excuse me,
Exporting) as GIF.

Not tested... I don't have easy access to Gimp 2.8.2 on my CentOS as it
uses an older version of GNOME and the conflicting GTK requirements keep
me from running anything newer than 2.6.9 at the moment.

On Tue, 2012-10-09 at 21:58 +0200, Bgs wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been playing a bit with GIF animations and there are two things I'd 
> like to do but haven't found any trivial solution for.
> 1) I have a background type of layer and several smaller ones. I want to 
> make an animation where these additional layers appear and disappear. 
> The hard way to animate this is to duplicate the background and merge in 
> all variations I want and create an animation from that. This has three 
> drawbacks: a) It's a rather long handiwork to do it b) by default it 
> produces a full-frame animation that needs to be optimized c) the 
> default differential optimization might not produce the best result in 
> terms of size.
> My question for the more experienced ones is: Is it possible to script 
> creation of such images without creating a full fledged plugin? Example: 
> I have background and layer1 through layer8 as small overlaying layers. 
> I want to create a blinking/glowing effect by turning on and off 
> layer1-8 in a random(like) way. Let's say I create a dozen of such layer 
> on/offs and cycle the result as a GIF animation.
> 2) Once I created an optimized GIF animation (differential) is there an 
> easy way to convert it back to a full-frame layer structure? (This has 
> practical sense for example with a couple of frames taken from a video).
> Thanks
> Bgs
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