> Hi guys.
> I'm using gimp 2.8.2 on ubuntu 12.04.
> I can't seem to create new guides from the "new guide" dialogue.
> Here's what happens:
> * I create a new image.
> * I go to "image -> guides -> new guide".
> Nothing happens. I see no dialogue. I restart gimp, create a new
> image, and the same thing happens.
> If I then do "create new guide by percent', I get a modal with this
> message:
> "Script-Fu cannot process two scripts at the same time. You are
> already running the "new guide" script.
> Playing around, it looks like I can't run any new script-fu's. I get
> that same error message.
> I'm pretty sure that I'm not doing anything obviously dumb here.
> Could I have discovered a bug?

Works for me. Are you sure the dialog box is not hidden behind the
main window?


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