Am Thursday 18 October 2012 21:05:35 schrieb Jernej Simončič:
> On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 13:47:56 +0200, maderios wrote:
> > I have a Core I7 with 8 cpu. I noticed Gimp use only 1 cpu to save image.
> If you're talking about saving a file, there's not much that can be done -
> saving isn't something that can be parallelized.

Well... writing to disk sure can't, but I guess there are image compression 
algos that can utilize multicores? After all, formats as png and jpg as far 
as I know, correct me if I'm wrong, tile the image and work on the tiles 
so if one would allocate a target memory area in RAM first and then fill the 
mem map with the to-be-saved data one could open a file handle right from the 
start and copy the mem portions to disk as they get filled by the compression 

Or another approach would be make a copy of the image in RAM and do the save 
in the background. That way when using the same file name one would even 
narrow the state transition of the file to a minumum.

Just an idea.

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