Please forgive if this is not the right place - first time and GIMP info is so 
problematic to find.  You that are involved do this all the time - we that dont 
find it very difficult and confusing to locate anything or find any help.
I am using GIMP 2.6.11 
I am using it to make DVD jackets among other things and have a template made.  
It's been about a year since I've done a jacket and made no notes - my bad.
The Template is 10.597 inches wide X 7.292 inches high for a 7 mm spine jacket.
I have it set in the Image - Print Size as well
The big problem I have is trying to set the page setup setting from the File 
menu - It is stuck at Portrait, A4, Front tray and will not change - it resets 
every time. It refuses to switch to landscape or US 8.5 x 11.
The Print menu from the File menu only has 2 tabs - nothing like what is shown 
on the  on-line manual. Only A General and Image Setting Tab.  The image 
Setting Tab is useless as nothing I change seems to matter. the maximum size I 
can enter is H= 5.670" and H= 8.240"  
I have read section 1.6.2 Printing Photos and all the related links without 
finding out a thing. And nothing seems relivent.
All I would like to do is make a graphic and print it out at an exact (or very 
close) size. I didnt think it would be so difficult.
Please - will someone dirrect me to the proper forum or artical where I can 
research this? The GIMP manual is useless for this... or better yet just tell 
me why this is not working as I expect, then give a work-around or fix. 
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Dwayne Julin                                      
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