On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 08:43 -0500, Dwayne Julin wrote:
> Operaing system  Vista Home Prem. (I know... I know....)
> Printer is an Epson Artisen 810
> Sock color Dark blue - (today)
> Got GIMP 2.6.11 from the Official GIMP website (link to windoz installer)

OK, so now we know we're on Windows and not Linux or Mac. Thanks.

> I am using it because I dont use it often and have a lot of add-ons
> for video and animation installed. Hate to mess with yet another
> learning curve and this computer - its all I've got.  I have also read
> a lot about the next version that was coming out (after 2.6) talking
> about limiting file handing to GIMP's "native" format and restricting
> older image file formats.
This is not correct, there was just a change to the menu item and the
keyboard shortcut, GIMP still works with other file formats.

>   2.6 worked for me but has never printed the way I like or think it
> should. I'm just trying to see if there is a problem with my installed
> version of GIMP or if its a bug in its code. For instance - not being
> able to change to landscape.  The printer seems to work with all other
> software installed and individual program settings do change to
> landscape.
On Linux I can print in landscape just fine. I don't have a Windows
system here to try that, I'm afraid, but I recently heard that there are
some problems with print under Windows for GIMP. The main developers use
Linux, so unless the problems get reported in detail by Windows users,
no-one knows there's a problem... it may be that someone else can
answer. I'm guessing you are using the Windows driver that came from

(also, I can't currently send mail to hotmail addresses from this
account so Dwayne probably won't see this reply, I'll send a private

> BTW: to properly address a question to the group - I use the subject
> line of the email to pose the question?

The subject line should be a short summary of the question, which is
then repeated in more detail in the message, along with all the
information someone might need to be able to answer it.

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